Biennial Reports

To order our Biennial Report, send a request that includes the name of the publication, number of copies, and the return address to:

Lana Barr
Berryman Institute
Wildland Resources
Utah State University
Logan, Utah 84322-5270

Requests can also be sent to Lana Barr at:

Alternatively, many of our publications are available online. Just click on the file name to access the electronic copies of our publications. Please note that some of these files are quite large (>1 MB) and may take a long time to download.

2003-2004 Biennial Report - 2003_2004_Biennial Report.pdf

2001-2002 Biennial Report - BIENNIAL_2001_02.pdf

1999-2000 Biennial Report - Biennial Report 99-00.pdf

1997-1998 Biennial Report - Biennial Report 97-98.pdf

1995-1996 Biennial Report - Biennial Report 95-96.pdf