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Volume 10 Issue 1

Spring 2016

Cover with Table of Contents


In the News
Jason Matthews and Joe N. Caudell

Special Topic: Wildlife and Wind E1nergy: Are They Compatible?

Michael Hutchins and Bruce D. Leopold 

Avian fatalities at wind energy facilities in North America: a comparison of recent approaches
Douglas H. Johnson, Scott R. Loss, K. Shawn Smallwood, and Wallace P. Erickson

Impact of wind energy on bats: a summary of our current knowledge
Cris D. Hein and Michael R. Schirmacher 

Mitigating wind energy impacts on wildlife: approaches for multiple taxa
Edward B. Arnett and Roel F. May 

Wind energy development: methods for assessing risks to birds and bats pre-construction
Todd Katzner, Victoria Bennett, Tricia Miller, Adam Duerr, Melissa Braham, and Amanda Hale

A conceptual model to determine vulnerability of wildlife populations to offshore and wind energy development
M. Wing Goodale and Iain J. Stenhouse 

Wind energy development: methods to assess bird and bat fatality rates post-construction
Manuela Huso, Dan Dalthorp, T. J. Miller, and Dawn Bruns 

ABC’s Bird-Smart Wind Energy Campaign: protecting birds from poorly sited wind energy development
Michael Hutchins, Mike Parr, and Darin Schroeder

Impact of wind energy on wildlife: synthesis
Bruce D. Leopold and Michael Hutchins


Other Peer-Reviewed Articles

Adapting strategies to maintain efficiency during a cull of yellow-legged gulls
Sugoto Roy, Ray Ridley, Jeff Sandon, John R. Allan, Peter A. Robertson, and Andrew Baxter 

A benefit-cost analysis decision framework for mitigation of disease transmission at the wildlife–livestock interface Stephanie A. Shwiff, Steven J. Sweeney, Julie L. Elser, Ryan S. Miller, Matthew L. Farnsworth, Pauline Nol, Steven S. Shwiff, and Aaron M. Anderson

Evaluating wildlife–vehicle collision hotspots using kernel-based estimation: a focus on the endangered Asiatic cheetah in central IranAlireza Mohammadi and Mohammad Kaboli

Visual and olfactory concealment of duck nests: influence on nest site selection and success Jennifer S. Borgo and Michael R. Conover



Terrestrial mammal and reptile hazards in an airport in the Brazilian Amazon
Weber G. Novaes, Nárjara V. Grossmann, Dysianne S. Pimentel, and Manrique Prada



Distance-dependent effectiveness of diversionary bear bait sites
Stephen F. Stringham and Ann Bryant



The “non-native” enigma
Danny Caudill and Gretchen Caudill 

The non-mystery of non-native species
James T. Carlton



Philip Parisi, retiring managing editor of HWI