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Volume 12 Issue 3
Cover of journal sloth bear
Winter 2018


Letter from the Editor
Terry A. Messmer

New Associate Editor, Jessica Tegt

In the News
Jason Matthews and Joe N. Caudell


Special Topic: Human-Bear Conflicts

Portable Electric Fencing for Bear Deterrence and Conservation
Tom S. Smith, Bryan Hopkins, John Gookin, and Samantha Thompson

Post-Release Activity and Habitat Selection of Rehabilitated Black Bears
Patrick J. Myers and Julie K. Young

Sloth Bear Attacks on Humans in Central India: Implications for Species Conservation
Nisha Singh, Swapnil Sonone, and Nishith Dharaiya

Conservation of Threatened Canada-USA Trans-border Grizzly Bears Linked to Comprehensive Conflict Reduction
Michael F. Proctor, Wayne F. Kasworm, Kimberly M. Annis, A. Grant MacHutchon, Justin E. Teisberg, Thomas G. Radandt, and Chris Servheen

Managing Human-Bear Conflicts - Case Studies

Managing Human-Habituated Bears to Enhance Survival, Habitat Effectiveness, and Public Viewing
Kerry A. Gunther, Katharine R. Wilmot, Steven L. Cain, Travis C. Wyman, Eric G. Reinertson, and Amanda M. Bramblett

Using Global Positioning System Technology to Manage Human-Black Bear Incidents at Yosemite National Park
Rachel L. Mazur, Ryan M. Leahy, Caitlin J. Lee-Roney, and Kathleen E. Patrick

Lessons Learned From a 20-Year Collaborative Study on American Black Bears
Jon P. Beckmann and Carl W. Lackey

Human-Bear Conflicts in Massanutten Village: Achieving Success Requires Partnerships
Ally M. Scott, David M. Kocka, and Glenn W. Mitchell

Black Bears Recolonizing Historic Ranges: Indiana Human–Bear Interactions
Bradford J. Westrich, Emily B. McCallen, and Geriann Albers

Other Articles

Species Composition and Temporal Patterns of Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions in Southwest Virginia, USA
James A. Vance, Walter H. Smith, and Gabrielle L. Smith

Motivations and Satisfaction of North Dakota Deer Hunters During a Temporal Decline in Deer Populations
Kristen E. Black, William F. Jensen, Robert Newman, and Jason R. Boulanger

Lead Concentrations in White-Tailed Deer Tissue Due to Retained Bullets
Meghan C. Zimmer and Tod L. Osier

Letter to the Editor

A Call for Proactive Human-Bear Conflict Mitigation
Annabella Helman

Book Review

by Lucian R. McDonald

Living with Bears Handbook, expanded 2nd edition