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2017 Berryman Institute Undergraduate Scholarships Announced

Rebecca and Jason Matthews accepting the 2016 wildlife damage management undergraduate scholarship

Congratulations to Jason Matthews and Rebecca Nishida, recipients of the 2016 Jack H. Berryman Institute for Wildlife Damage Management Scholarships!

The Berryman Institute annually provides scholarships to undergraduate students nationwide who have demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career in human-wildlife conflict management or wildlife damage management. This year we will again have two $1000 scholarships to award.

Applications will be accepted using the application submission form between 1 January 2018 and 1 May 2018 and must include:  applicant's name, mailing address, telephone and email, university attending, major advisor and the major advisor's contact information, as well as a personal statement of the applicant's interests in Human/Wildlife Conflict Management or Wildlife Damage Management.  They will also be asked to upload a current resume that includes GPA and courses studied.

The scholarship awardees will be asked to provide a photo and one paragraph biography for posting on the Berryman Institute website and publication in Human-Wildlife Interactions.

Berryman Institute Internship Program

The goal of the Berryman Institute is to contribute to the developmental needs of the wildlife damage management professional through continuing education, educational enhancement, and recognition of personal, research, and career excellence in wildlife damage management. To achieve these goals, The Berryman Institute provides a $11,000 scholarship to selected undergraduate interns nationwide who have demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career in human-wildlife conflict management. In additional to the $11,000 scholarship,USDA Wildlife Service will pay for student interns to travel to their summer work location and back, pay for salary and benefits during the summer work experience, and provide housing for the summer work experience.  Click here for more information.