Graduate Students

Berryman Institute

Melissa ChelakMelissa Chelak

Advisor: Dr. Terry Messmer

Central Utah Greater Sage-grouse Translocations
A 5-year project from 2016-2020 to perform greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) translocations from northern and south-central Utah into a declining population located in central Utah to prevent extirpation, or local extinction. We translocated 146 male and female sage-grouse across the spring seasons of 2016-2019 and monitored survival, movements, genetics,  and breeding/production, with 2020 being a follow-up year.

Codi BackenCodi Backen
Advisor: Dr. Terry Messmer

Greater Sage-grouse Vital Rates and Behavioral Responses to Live Stock Grazing

trevonTrevon Strange

Advisor: Dr. Terry Messmer

Are Universities Adequately Preparing Undergraduate Students for Careers as Professional Wildlife Biologists?
Reviewing the skill-sets desired in entry-level positions of state and federal wildlife agencies. While determining if there are educational gaps between skill-sets wildlife agencies desire, by analyzing accredited universities curricula.  Lastly, I will look at undergraduate students in The Wildlife Society to determine their expectations, needs, and if their wildlife program is preparing them properly for future employment.

zoemoffettZoe Moffett

Advisor: Dr. Nicki Frey

Raven Abundance and Depredation of Artificial Nests within Greater Sage-grouse Habitat in Southern Utah