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Human Wildlife Interactions

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Volume 1, Issue 2

Fall 2007


Editor's Introduction Pages 129-131

In the News Pages 132-134 


The Director’s Desk

Johan T. du Toit. 2007. Why this journal was created. Page 135

Bruce D. Leopold. 2007. Berryman Institute addresses feral hog problems
Page 136 

William H. Clay. 2007. Hogs gone wild. Pages 137-138

Ben C. West. 2007. The role of knowledge in developing people skills. Page 138-140

The Soap Box

Sustainable Wildlife Use Committ ee of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agenciesand Robert Southwick. 2007. Eliminating trapping escalates beaver complaints and costs to the public. Pages 141-143

Allen T. Rutberg. 2007. Birth control is not for everyone: a response. Pages 143-144

Michael J. Bodenchuk. 2007. IPM and IWDM: Is there a difference? Pages 145-146

Student Voices

Hans Sin. 2007. Avoiding confl icts between wildlife professionals and local hunters overeff orts to eradicate exotic game species. Pages 147-148

Special Section: Ecology and Management of Feral Hogs


Stephen S. Ditchkoff and Ben C. West. 2007. Introduction to the HWC special topic: ecology and management of feral hogs. Pages 149-151

Feral Hogs: Peer-Reviewed Articles

Roger N. Adkins and Louis A. Harveson. 2007. Demographic and spatial characteristics of feral hogs in the Chihuahuan Desert,Texas. Pages 152-160

Robert C. Mersinger and Nova J. Silvy. 2007. Range size, habitat use, and dial activity of feral hogs on reclaimed surface-mined lands in east Texas. Pages 161-167

Michael D. Kaller, James D. Hudson III,Eric C. Achberger, and William E. Kelso. 2007. Feral hog research in western Louisiana: expanding populations and unforeseen consequences. Pages 168-177

Richard M. Engeman, Bernice U. Constantin, Stephanie A. Shwiff , Henry T. Smith,John Woolard, John Allen, and John Dunlap. 2007. Adaptive and economic management methods for feral hog control in Florida. Pages 178-185

R. Edwin Hartin, Mark R. Ryan, and Tyler A. Campbell. 2007. Distribution and disease prevalence of feral hogs in Missouri. Pages 186-191

Dale Rollins, Billy J. Higginbotham, Kenneth A. Cearley, and R. Neal Wilkin. 2007. Appreciating feral hogs: extension education for diverse stakeholders in Texas. Pages 192-198

Pedro M. Chavarria, Roel R. Lopez, Gillian Bowser, and Nova J. Silvy. 2007. A landscape-level survey of feral hog impacts to natural resources of the Big Thicket National Preserve. Pages 199-204

Other Peer-Reviewed Articles

Travis L. DeVault, James C. Beasley, Lee A. Humberg, Brian J. MacGowan, Mónica I. Retamosa, and Olin E. Rhodes, Jr. 2007. Intrafi eld patt erns of wildlife damage to corn and soybeans in northern Indiana. Page 205-213

Brian E. Washburn, Scott C. Barras, and Thomas W. Seamans. 2007. Foraging preferences of captive Canada geese related to turfgrass mixtures. Pages 214-223

Peter S. Coates, Jack O. Spencer, Jr., and David J. Delehanty. 2007. Efficacy of CPTH-treated egg baits for removing ravens. Pages 224-234 

Marni E. Koopman and William C. Pitt. 2007. Crop diversification leads to diverse bird problems in Hawaiian agriculture. Pages 235--243

Jaime E. Jiménez, Michael R. Conover, Raymond D. Dueser, and Terry A. Messmer. 2007. Influence of habitat patch characteristics on the success of upland duck nests. Pages 244-256

Robin A. Holevinski, Paul D. Curtis, and Richard A. Malecki. 2007. Hazing of Canada geese is unlikely to reduce nuisance populations in urban and suburban communities. Pages 257-264 

Michael R. Conover and Richard A. Dolbeer. 2007. Use of decoy traps to protect blueberries from juvenile European starlings. Pages 265-270

From the Field

Richard M. Engeman, John Wollard, Henry T. Smith, Jean Bourassa,Bernice U. Constantin, and Daniel Griffin. 2007. An extraordinary patch of feral hog damage in Florida before and after initiating hog removal. Pages 271-275

Emeritus Page 276

Book Review

Nicole McCoy. 2007. The beast in the garden: a modern parable of man and nature. Pages 277-278

In Memory Page 279