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Human Wildlife Interactions

cover of human wildlife interactions

Volume 8 Issue 2

Fall 2014


Robert J. Lewis and Joe N. Caudell
Evin T. Carter, Omar Attum, Bryan C. Eads, Andrew S. Hoffman, and Bruce A. Kingsbury
Sara K. Krause, Douglas A. Kelt, Dirk H. Van Vuren, and James P. Gionfriddo
Patrick J. Jackson
Brian Jennings, Jacob L. Bowman, and Elizabeth L. Tymkiw
Christine M. Anhalt, Timothy R. Van Deelen, Ronald N. Schultz, and Adrian P. Wydeven
Batistino P. Mponzi, Christopher A. Lepczyk, and Bernard M. Kissui
Beverly K. McKinley, Jerrold L. Belant, and Dwayne R. Etter
Xiongwen Chen and Shuhong Wu
Christopher R. Ayers, Christopher S. DePerno, Christopher E. Moorman, Henry H. Stibbs, and Angela M. Faust
Brian E. Washburn, Paul J. Cisar, and Travis L. DeVault
Theresa K. Johnston, Bruce Branham, and Jeffrey Brawn
Elizabeth A. Miller, Julie K. Young, Scott Stelting, and Bruce A. Kimball
John Gookin, Tom S. Smith, and Alison Williams
David H. Applegate and Nicholas L. Owens
Leonard R. Askham and Michael E. R. Godfrey
Charles D. Dieter, Cody S. Warner, and Curiong Ren
Book Reviews
Review by Travis L. DeVault
Review by Joe N. Caudell