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Volume 11 Issue 2

Fall 2017

Letter from the Editor
Terry A. Messmer

In the News
Jason Matthews and Joe N. Caudell


Special Topic: Cosmopolitan Coyotes

Coyote Attacks on Humans, 1970-2015: Implications for Reducing the Risks
Rex O. Baker and Robert M. Timm

Evaluating Lethal and Nonlethal Management Options for Urban Coyotes
Stewart W. Breck, Sharon A. Poessel, and Mary Ann Bonnell

Do You Hear What I Hear? Human Perception of Coyote Group Size
Kyle Brewster, Scott E. Henke, Alfonso Ortega, John Tomecek, and Benjamin Turner

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Humans as Prey: Coping with Large Carnivore Attacks using a Predator-Prey Interaction Perspective
Vincenzo Penteriani, Giulia Bombieri, José María Fedriani, José Vicente López-Bao, Pedro José Garrote, Luca Francesco Russo, and María del Mar Delgado

Use of Soil Chemical Analysis to Detect Commercial Wildlife Game Baits
Aaron Haines, Angela Fetterolf, Meta Griffin, Tristan Conrad, and Steven Kennedy

The Back Page

Management or Emotions - What Do the People Think?
Terry A. Messmer

Call for Papers

Special Topic: Wild Horse and Burro Management
Terry A. Messmer


Call for Award Nominations: Professional and Program Recognition