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Human Wildlife Interactions


Volume 2, Issue 1

Spring 2008


Editor's Introduction: Michael R. Conover. 2008. Safe driving suggestions for deer country. Pages 1-2

In the News Pages 3-4


The Director's Desk 

Johan T. du Toit. 2008. Standardizing the data on wildlife-vehicle collisions.Pages 5-6

Bruce D. Leopold. 2008. Keeping up with those deer. Page 6

Ben C. West. 2008. Echinacea and deer whistles: science and trust in the wildlife arena. Pages 7-8

The Soap Box 

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and Robert Southwick. 2008. Hunting helps maintain deer as a valued public resource. Pages 9-11

Michael L. Wolfe 2008. Avoiding the blame game in managing problem black bears. Pages 12-14

Student Voices 

Jacob Blasi. 2008. Learning never ends, and neither should teaching. Pages 15-16

Peer-Reviewed Articles

John A. Bissonette, Christine Kassar, and Lawrence J. Cook. 2008. Assessment of costs associated with deer-vehicle collisions: human death and injury, vehicle damage, and deer loss. Pages 17-27

Anthony J. DeNicola and Scott C. Williams. 2008. Sharpshooting suburban white-tailed deer reduces deer-vehicle collisions. Pages 28-33

Janet W. Ng, Charlene Nielsen, and Colleen Cassady St. Clair. 2008. Landscape and traffic factors influencing deer-vehicle collisions in an urban environment. Pages 34-47

Troy W. Grovenburg, Jonathan A. Jenks, Robert W. Klaver, Kevin L. Monteith, Dwight H. Galster, Ron J. Schauer, Wilbert W. Morlock and Joshua A. Delger. 2008. Factors affecting road mortality of white-tailed deer in eastern South Dakota. Pages 48-59

Allen T. Rutberg and Ricky E. Naugle. 2008. Deer-vehicle collision trends at a suburban immunocontraception site. Pages 60-67

Paul D. Curtis, Milo E. Richmond, Lowell A. Miller, and Fred W. Quimby.2008. Physiological effects of gonadotropin-releasing hormone immunocontraception on white-tailed deer. Pages 68-79

Lauren L. Mastro, Michael R. Conover, and S. Nicole Frey. 2008. Deer-vehicle collision prevention techniques.Pages 80-92

Lowell A. Miller, James P. Gionfriddo, Jack C. Rhyan, Kathleen A. Fagerstone, Donald C. Wagner, and Gary J. Killian. 2008. GnRH immunocontraception of male and female white-tailed deer fawns. Pages 93-101

Anthony J. DeNicola, Dwayne R. Etter, and Thomas Almendinger. 2008. Demographics of non-hunted white-tailed deer populations in suburban areas. Pages 102-109

William J. McShea, Chad M. Stewart, Laura J. Kearns, Stefano Liccioli, and David Kocka.2008. Factors affecting autumn deer-vehicle collisions in a rural Virginia county. Pages 110-121

John A. Bissonette and Christine A. Kassar. 2008. Locations of deer-vehicle collisions are unrelated to traffic volume or posted speed limit. Pages 122-130

Terry A. Messmer and Destiny R. Messmer. 2008. Deer-vehicle collision statistics and mitigation information: online sources. Pages 131-135

Book Reviews

Jennifer Lynch. 2008. Urban Wildlife Management. Pages 136-137

Valerie M. Burton. 2008. The Double-crested Cormorant: Issues and Management. Page 137