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Human Wildlife Interactions

cover of human wildlife interactions

Volume 8 Issue 1

Spring 2014

Table of Contents


In the News

Robert J. Lewis and Joe N. Caudell

Nuisance American alligators: an investigation into trends and public opinion Cord B. Eversole, Scott E. Henke, Jacob L. Ogdee, David B. Wester, and Amos Cooper

Influence of egg oiling on colony presence of ring-billed gulls Travis L. deVault, Paige M. Schmidt, Fred E. Pogmore, John Gobeille, Jerrold L. Belant, and Thomas W. Seamans

Integrating mammalian hazards with management at U.S. civil airports: a case study Kristin M. Biondi, Jerrold L. Belant, James A. Martin, Travis L. DeVault, and Guiming Wang

Testing systems of avian perch deterrents on electric power distribution poles in sage-brush habitat James F. Dwyer and Kerrin W. Doloughan

Identifying people’s most preferred management technique for feral cats in Hawaii Cheryl A. Lohr, Christopher A. Lepczyk, and Linda J. Cox

Farmers’ perceptions of the impacts of human–wildlife conflict on their livelihood and natural resource management efforts in Cheha Woreda of Guraghe Zone, Ethiopia Dagne Mojo, Jessica Rothschuh, and Mehari Alebachew

Morbidity and mortality in reptiles presented to a wildlife care facility in Central Illinois Anne E. Rivas, Matthew C. Allender, Mark Mitchell, and Julia K. Whittington

Population trends of resident and migratory Canada geese in relation to strikes with civil aircraft Richard A. Dolbeer, John L. Seubert, and Michael J. Begier

An evaluation of two traps and sets for trapping the plains pocket gopher Stephen M. Vantassel, Andrew J. Tyre, and Scott E. Hygnstrom

Wildlife markets in South China Alex T. Chow, Szeman Cheung, and Peter K. Yip

Evaluation of eight repellents in deterring eastern cottontail herbivory in Connecticut Scott C. Williams and Michael R. Short

Determination of residue levels of alpha-chloralose in duck tissues David A. Goldade, Randal S. Stahl, and John J. Johnston

Forecasting the spread of raccoon rabies using a purpose-specific group decision-making process Aaron Anderson, Stephanie A. Shwiff, Richard B. Chipman, Todd Atwood, Tyler Cozzens, Frank Fillo, Robert Hale, Brody Hatch, Joanne Maki, Olin Rhodes, Erin E. Rees, Charles E. Rupprecht, Rowland Tinline, Kurt C. Vercauteren, and Dennis Slate

Evaluation of foliar sprays to reduce crop damage by Canada geese Charles D. Dieter, Cody S. Warner, and Curiong Ren


Scarred for life: the other side of the fence debate Paul F. Jones