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Volume 12 Issue 1
Cover of journal showing horse
Spring 2018


Letter from the Editor
Terry A. Messmer

In the News
Jason Matthews and Joe N. Caudell


Special Topic: Wild Horse and Burro Management

Multiple-use management of western U.S. rangelands: wild horses, wildlife, and livestock
Rick E. Danvir

A review of contemporary U.S. wild horse and burro management policies relative to desired management outcomes
Keith A. Norris 

Framing contemporary U.S. wild horse and burro management processes in a dynamic ecological, sociological, and political environment  
J. Derek Scasta, Jacob D. Hennig, and Jeffrey L. Beck

Wild horse demography: implications for sustainable management within economic constraints
Robert A. Garrott

A review of economic studies related to the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program
Paul M. Jakus

Spatial ecology observations from feral horses equipped with global positioning system transmitters
Jacob D. Hennig, Jeffrey L. Beck, and J. Derek Scasta

Resource selection of free-ranging horses influenced by fire in northern Canada
Sonja E.R. Leverkus, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, Marten Geertsema, Brady W. Allred, Mark Gregory, Alexandre R. Bevington, David M. Engle, and J. Derek Scasta

Feral horse management in Parque Provincial Ernesto Tornquist, Argentina
Alberto Luis Scorolli

A review of contemporary contraceptives and sterilization techniques for feral horses
Albert J. Kane

Twenty years of SpayVac® research: potential implications for regulating feral horse and burro populations in the United States
Ursula S. Bechert and Mark A. Fraker

Consequences of PZP immunocontraception to feral horses
Cassandra M.V. Nuñez

Managing healthy wild horses and burros on healthy rangelands: tools and the toolbox
Callie Hendrickson

Book Review

by Seth Dettenamier

Wild Horse Country: The History, Myth, and Future of the Mustang by David Philipps

The Back Page

The future of wildlife damage management
William H. Clay


Learning to live with wolves: community-based conservation in the Blackfoot Valley of Montana
Seth M. Wilson, Elizabeth H. Bradley, and Gregory A. Neudecker