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Berryman Institute Press

Our press publishes books, monographs, and reports on all aspects of human-wildlife interactions.  We sell hard copies of your publications and also make them available on-line without charge.  To inquire about publishing your work with us, please contact Dr. Terry A. Messmer, BI Director by email at We have made many of our documents available for downloading. Clicking on a hyperlink will take you to a printable version of the document. To order publications which are not available to download, or if you have trouble downloading, please e-mail and include your name, organization, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and the full title of the publication you wish to order.



Lackey, C.W., S.W. Breck, B.F. Wakeling, and B. White. 2018. Human–Black Bear Conflicts: A review of common management practices. Human–Wildlife Interactions Monograph 2:1-68.

Review of Ruffed Grouse Ecology and Management with Implications for the Central Rocky Mountains

Managing Wild Pigs, A Technical Guide

Endangered and Threatened Animals of Utah

Exclusionary Methods to Reduce Predation on Ground-nesting Birds and Their Nests

Managing Canada Geese in Urban Environments: A Technical Guide

Managing Problems Caused by Urban Canada Geese

Overview of Techniques for Reducing Bird Predation at Aquaculture Facilities

Messmer, T.A., M.W. Brunson, D. Reiter, and D.G. Hewitt. 1999. United States Public Attitudes Regarding Predators and Their Management to Enhance Avian Recruitment.  Wildlife Society Bulletin 27:75-85.